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THE ROSE OF THE SERAFITES: The Revelation of Supreme Wisdom

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Editorial: Asociación para el Estudio de la Cultura Cátara (AECC)
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The book "THE ROSE OF THE SERAFITES - The Revelation of Supreme Wisdom" (PDF). The revelation Madre Divina on the Mount of the Nightingale.

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From the book "THE ROSE OF THE SERAFITES: The Revelation of Supreme Wisdom"





Izmir, 28 April 2005

The Throne of the Most High

1 Christian history seems to have come to a stand still, My child. The conclusion of its earthly time was the mysterious decease of the Purest Virgin, and Her Ascension from here, from Nightingale Mountain.
2 My son, during your previous visit to Izmir, Our Father gifted you with the Chalice of the Grail and with the first original caves1. He called the way of the Cross and the Saviour’s three-hour-long Holy Passion* ‘an overwhelming mystery of the Gospel of Salvation on His Spilt Blood’, or the outpourings of Superior Love.
3 The Revelation continues, My child! Today I have taken you to this Central Altar of the proclaimed Civilization to say: ‘The Gospel of Salvation on His Spilt Blood, the outpouring of Christ’s superior love (Gospel II) on Nightingale Mountainwas prolonged for the fifteen years. It is there that Christ of the Gospel of Salvation on His Spilt Blood came and sprinkled His Divine Bride with His Myrrhic Blood*’.
4 The Saviour’s aim to convert the world resulted in boycott and Crucifixion. Gospel III – the Bridal Chamber* – has begun.
5 In vain, My child, the Jews and the Christians interpreted Golgotha as ‘salvation’ and ‘redemption’. By sending down the Son of the Divinity I rejected this worthless legalistic order, which only cultivates a slavish, spiritually fruitless fear.
6 With the resurrection of My Divine Son, the evangelical news was carried here, to Nightingale Mountain. And it finished with the fifteen-year-long feast of Theogamy*.
7 Hither My child, to this mountain, I called wise virgins, the procession of little brides of Our Divinity sealed with two Olive Trees of Supreme Wisdom3. Millions of them, with candles lit at midnight, with trimmed lamps and sufficient reserve of oils, will come here. It is here, My child, where they will come to continue Gospel III.
8 Why did the Supreme Wisdom* in the Council of the Trinity send the Son to Nightingale Mountain after the Resurrection? The following forty-daylong preaching in the spiritual body showed the absolute inability of the Jews or the Hellenes to hear the words of Our Most High. But My indefatigable longing to bring the world into the Father’s myrrhpouring arms was not prevented because of it. And the Purest Mother was chosen. And here the Bridal Feast took place, My child. 
9 It was the Bridal Feast which the Saviour spoke about in Gospel parables. First, the feast of Theogamy. Then the bride was ushered into the Bridal Chamber – and onto the sweetest Bridal Bed* of their perfect Union.
10 Nightingale Mountain has been chosen for the central altar of the Theocivilization*, and the altar of altars of the future solar Temple of the World. It will be the centre of pilgrimages by priests of our origin and the true spirit, because the Bridal Chamber of Jesus and Mary will be announced to humankind from this mountain.
11 Christian history seems to have come to a standstill, as I told you before. And now the two thousand-year-long dream is coming to an end, and the power of Our Father has come into force. The prayer ‘Re surrect my Lord! Hear me!’ has been realized.
12 Thus, Christ of the Bridal Chamber. Mary is the Bride of the Bridal Chamber. The earthly body of the whole creature is being vested in the virginal garments of the Holy Mother in order to receive the fire of heavenly love and the candle of Gospel III, lit here on the mountain of the Bridal Chamber.
14 But, My child, the Revelation of the new millennium has begun. I am revealing the new Heaven above Nightingale Mountain with the songs of an gelic birds. A new sea in which play wonderful fish. A new land – and it is inhabited by the anointed ones*, by the Seraphites*, by virginal adolescents in white vestments*. My child, I declare the Ageof the Anointed ones from here, from the divine height of Nightingale Mountain.

1 First original caves – are the caves near Ephesus, Turkey, inhabited by the ancient ascetics.
2 Nightingale Mountain – is situated near ancient Ephesus (Turkey), where the Virgin Lady spent 15 years after the Lord’s ascension.
3 Zec. 4:11.
Holy Passion – is the spiritual term, common to the Christianity and related to Christ’s sufferings (holy passion), it gains the new meaning in the spiritual school of John of the Holy Grail. The Holy Passion, as one of universal laws of the Divine Wisdom, is a necessary element of the spiritual path. The initiation of a soul into the Holy Passion helps to achieve the perfect sanctity.
Myrrh – is the fragrant oils of the heavenly origin, mysteriously appearing in the material world on the shrines in the form of the drops and threads. Myrrhic Blood is the mystery of the double transubstantiation of wine into the blood and the blood into the myrrh in the Holy Grail.
Bridal Chamber – is the divine sphere, where the soul – bride unites with the Divinity into one.
Theogamy (Gr. Θεός – God, γάμος – marriage) – is the bridal union with the Divinity. In the theology of the Grail it is the virgin marriage of a divinized soulbride with the Most High Divinity, the main destiny of each human being. 
Supreme Wisdom – one of the images of the Mother of God, revealing Herself as the feminine hypostasis of the Divinity.
Bridal Bed – is the fi nal stage of the initiations to the Cross of each soul on the spiritual path. At this stage the soul comprehends in full the love of the Divinity.
Theocivilization – the coming civilization of the seraphites. This civilization will be based upon peace, supreme wisdom, kindness and pure love.
The Anointed One (Greek: christos – “Christ”) – the soul chosen by God, which bears (stores) the special anointing and spiritual seals for the serving to all humanity. The anointed one performs service to the humanity by the power of saints, who lived on the earth. In the Christian tradition, Jesus Christ was glorifi ed as “the king of the anointed ones” (Hebrews: “The Messiah”). 
The Seraphites (from homo seraphicus, ‘the Seraphic man’) – the Theohumanity of the future, their composition, in contrast to the homo sapiens, is immaculate and woven from the particles and oils of the Divinity.
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Asociación para el Estudio de la Cultura Cátara (AECC)
Idioma: Inglés
Breve descripción:

The book "THE ROSE OF THE SERAFITES - The Revelation of Supreme Wisdom" (PDF). The revelation Madre Divina on the Mount of the Nightingale.

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